5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Pain Management

As individuals, we have endured some form of pain and at times it’s not easy to tell whether the pain necessitates any medical attention. In most cases, the pain clears within a short period but in some, the pain becomes chronic. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks and those who are affected by it can easily fail to realize how they can benefit from a pain management plan. So how can you know when it’s time to see a pain management doctor? Below are 5 signs it’s time to consider pain management.

Dependency on medication

For most people who suffer from chronic pain, relying on an increasing dosage of pain medication becomes a habit that could be difficult to break. Over-reliance on pain medication leads to serious side effects some of which could be fatal. Should you find yourself having to rely on pain medication, then a visit to one of our Pain management clinics in Cumming will offer you several pain management options that are much safer.

When the pain is consistent

Should you experience pain that was mild in the beginning but has worsened over time, then a visit to a pain management doctor is warranted. The doctor will be able to identify any triggers to the pain and offer you with the appropriate solution.

When the pain expands to other areas

Pain that begins in one area and spreads to other areas of the body should not be ignored as it could be an indicator of a serious condition. Some conditions and injuries can lead to chronic pain and early detection and management will go a long way in helping manage it adequately.

Pain that disrupts your day to day activities

It is not rare for the pain to disrupt your day-to-day activities for a short period. When the disruption is long-term and you are unable to perform your day-to-day activities because of the pain then it’s important that you visit a pain clinic.

When you’re unable to sleep because of the pain

Pain and lack of sleep have an impact on your mental and physical health. In most cases, pain causes one to lose sleep which worsens the pain further. If the pain keeps you up at night or causes you to be up every hour or so, then it might be time for you to visit doctors at NexGen Medical Centers for Regenerative Medicine Atlanta.

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