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NexGen Medical Centers

Recover Faster From Your Injury

NexGen Medical Centers offers platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) treatments to speed up and aid in the recovery process. Our treatment team has extensive experience with treating patients who have been injured in an auto accident, slip and fall, or job-site accident.

We understand the difficulties associated with the pain and injury caused by an unforeseen event. Our primary goal is to alleviate your pain and heal your injury so that you can focus on returning to your normal routine.

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Personal Injuries We Treat

Knee and ankle tendon and ligament injuries

Partial rotator cuff tears

Muscular tears

Meniscus and cartilage tears

Hip and shoulder issues

Tennis and golf elbow

Quadriceps and patella tendon tears

Pinched nerves

Ensuring You Get the Comprehensive Treatment You Need

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NexGen Medical Centers works closely with chiropractic doctors, physical therapists and other specialists to ensure you have comprehensive treatment. No matter what stage of treatment you are in, we can provide care for your injury.

If you have not seen a medical doctor, we recommend an initial visit with one of our physicians. At your initial consultation, one of our MDs will evaluate your history and injuries, order an MRI when necessary, and work with you to formulate a plan that may include bracing, medication, chiropractic care or physical therapy.

If you have an MRI report that indicates the need for further intervention (such as a disc herniation or torn rotator cuff), we will schedule you for a consultation with the physician to help you determine the best course of treatment for you.

If you have already received a recommendation from a physician to undergo surgery or steroid injections, please consider obtaining a second opinion from us. Those methods, more often than not, result in very little improvement, and may leave you in chronic pain. They do not help your body heal.

We implement a more natural method for actually healing your injury, through injections with PRP and regenerative medicine.

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