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A friendlier healthcare experience.

NexGen Medical Centers is an innovative practice that focuses on reducing pain and regeneration of damaged tissue by utilizing PRP, amniotic allograft, and regenerative cell therapies. By combining the latest advancements in technology with the human body’s amazing capability to heal itself, we are able to stimulate the repair and regrowth of cells that have been damaged by trauma, degeneration, and the aging process.

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A Friendlier Healthcare Experience

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Our treatments range from pain alleviating injections to the spine, shoulders, knees, and other joints, to aesthetic applications such as microneedling with PRP or injecting PRP as an alternative to traditional fillers. So whether you suffer from joint pain or simply want to look and feel a few years younger, call us for a consultation today and learn how we can put to our therapies to work for a happier, healthier you!

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