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Knee pain is a problem that affects many Americans. Severe knee pain can make it hard to sit, stand, walk, drive, or even sleep. What’s worse is that the knee is one of the most common joints to be injured. Knee pain can severely hamper your ability to move around, particularly if it gets worse over time.

If you’re looking for knee pain relief and you’re in Atlanta, NexGen Medical Center can help. NexGen is one of the leading knee specialists in Atlanta, having seen and helped treat knee pain from many different sources.

Whether you are dealing with a knee injury, arthritis, tendonitis, or some other condition that is causing knee pain, NexGen’s knee doctors in Atlanta can provide the physical therapy, treatment protocols, and pain management that will help improve your mobility and reduce the stress of chronic knee pain.

NexGen’s doctors can treat knee pain caused by ligament injuries, tendonitis, knee-cap injuries, arthritis, sports injuries, and more.

Don’t let knee pain control the way you live. Contact NexGen Medical Centers to see a knee doctor in Atlanta today!

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Why Choose NexGen’s Knee Doctors in Atlanta?

At NexGen Medical Centers, clients receive the highest standard of treatment provided by advancements in medical science and the care of expertly trained physicians.

NexGen’s doctors have extensive experience not only in treating knee pain and arthritis, but in treating other types of chronic pain caused by car accidents, autoimmune diseases, sports injuries, aging, and inflammation of joints and tendons. NexGen Medical Centers use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments and regenerative cell therapies to allow the body to heal using its own resources. Doctors at NexGen utilize technologies on the cutting edge of what’s possible in order to relieve pain and help injuries heal.

NexGen’s clients also benefit from their pain management programs, which help patients deal with chronic pain that may currently have no cure. They have over 10 years of experience in non-invasive pain management treatments for not only chronic knee pain, but also pain in other joints, slipped or fractured discs, muscle tears, tendon injuries, and other common causes of chronic pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's on Knee Pain Relief

It’s impossible to know the exact cause of knee pain without having a trained knee pain specialist look at it. However, the most common causes of knee pain are accidental injuries and normal wear accelerated by aging. Arthritis is also a common cause of knee pain. Some runners develop a condition known as runner’s knee, which is caused by wear on the back of the kneecap.

If you want to truly know what’s causing your knee pain, you will need to see a doctor. NexGen’s doctors have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating knee pain and can help you get your life back.

Pain, of course, is the most common and obvious symptom of knee injuries. However, not all injuries are immediately painful and their ramifications may not be felt until later. Common symptoms of knee injuries include swelling, stiffness in the joints, a loss of balance, reduced mobility, popping sounds or feeling coming from the knee, redness, and inflammation.

If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend seeing a doctor who specializes in pain management.

Knee pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain that people experience, particularly as they age. Most people do not seek treatment until the pain is impacting their life or their work. NexGen’s knee pain specialists recommend that you at least look for a diagnosis when knee pain starts to become consistent.

If you believe that your knee might be injured due to an car accident, a fall, an incident that occurs during sports or exercise, or some other seemingly minor injury, you should seek treatment as knee problems only get worse the longer you go without treatment.

Some knee pain is caused by an injury to the soft tissue, which is a tissue structure that helps provide a cushion for the knee joints during normal use. Knees are almost always under constant stress, and the soft tissue helps keep the joint stable. The soft tissue in your knee could become damaged as a result of infection, trauma as a result of injury, or degenerative disease. Soft tissue injuries should be treated by a specialist. NexGen’s doctors have experience in treating knee pain that happens as a result of all of these issues.
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