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Whether you have a recent injury, chronic pain or an aesthetic concern, NexGen Medical Centers has a natural and effective solution for you. The clear majority of individuals experience complete relief with only one treatment, and with little to no downtime.

Regenerative cell therapy is a valuable treatment option for those suffering from injuries or arthritis that causes acute and chronic pain.

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Conditions Treated With PRP and / or Regenerative Medicine

Knee and ankle tendon and ligament injuries

Partial rotator cuff tears

Pinched nerves

Strain and sprain injuries

Tendon rupture

Meniscus tear

Disc herniation

Disc protrusion

Muscle tear

Degeneration of joints

Cartilage loss

Collagen loss

Loss of volume in the breast

Stretch marks

Hip and shoulder issues

Meniscus and cartilage tears


ACL tear

Ligament tear

Labral tear

Nerve root compression

Annular tear

Nerve injury

Degeneration of discs

Hair loss


Acne scarring


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