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Regenerative medicine has gained popularity in the past few years, but the practice of using the cells and growth factors produced by the human body to heal injury and treat disease has been utilized in the medical field since the early 1900s.

PRP and regenerative cell products from NexGen Injury Centers in Atlanta, GA, can be used to treat a myriad of conditions, and with no reported adverse reactions from the products we have selected, you have a low-risk solution to almost any medical problem.
Regenerative Medicine Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Quality Regenerative Products to Help You Manage Your Pain

It is important to understand that not all products contain active regenerative cells. Fortunately, there are quality regenerative cell products that have been known to effectively reduce or eliminate pain. We offer a variety of products to match your budget and needs. The three types of regenerative cell products are:

Amniotic fluid allograft

This is considered to be an acellular product, meaning that it does not contain active, live regenerative cells. It is full of more than 250 growth factors, amino acids, carbohydrates and proteins to promote healing. It is designed to reduce inflammation and enhance the body’s natural healing process. This product is available with and without the amniotic membrane incorporated. Including the amniotic membrane adds collagen, structural proteins, cellular scaffolding components, and additional growth factors and cytokines.

Umbilical cord blood

This is considered to be an acellular product, meaning that it does not contain active, live regenerative cells. It has up to 50 times more growth factors than the amniotic fluid product, as well as increased amounts of hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Umbilical cord tissue (a.k.a. Wharton’s Jelly)

This product contains live regenerative cells and is obtained from the inner layer of the umbilical cord, which is rich in regenerative cells, growth factors and scaffolding proteins. This is considered to be the best source for highly concentrated mesenchymal regenerative cells, and will have more active regenerative cells than a sample obtained from an adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Regenerative Medicine in Atlanta, GA

Every patient is different and each injury unique, but the majority of patients only require a single regenerative cell injection to heal the affected area.

In patients receiving PRP, results are achieved through 1-3 injections, spaced 4-6 weeks apart as needed, with the majority experiencing resolution with a single injection. Often times, maintenance injections are recommended at 12 months.

Most patients experience mild to moderate discomfort or aching at the injection site in the 24-48 hours following the procedure.

Some patients experience discomfort for up to two weeks, but this is less common. You may return to your usual activities the same day as your procedure.

It is an injection, and some areas are more sensitive than others, but the needle is very small (25 to 27 gauge), and causes minimal pain. Numbing agents or anesthesia are not required.

The risks are minimal and the same as associated with any injection, including injection site pain, redness, swelling or infection. These side effects are rare.

There are currently no reports of adverse reactions to PRP or the regenerative cell and allograft products we use.

We ask that you avoid NSAIDS (ibuprofen / Advil, naproxen / Aleve, diclofenac / Voltaren, meloxicam / Mobic) for one week prior to your procedure.

Avoid steroid injections or pills for 4 to 6 weeks before having the procedure. These medications interfere with the ability of the platelets to do their job and may decrease or delay your response to the procedure.

We also ask that you are well-hydrated prior to the procedure, drinking at least 64 oz of water the day before your procedure. We will draw your blood in order to perform the procedure, and may need several vials of blood.

Arriving well-hydrated will make this process easier, faster and more successful.

This depends on your specific concern, but for most patients the alternatives include surgery, steroid injections, pain management with narcotics, or to do nothing.

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